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Google Ads

Step into the world of Google

Google AdWords is one of the most efficient ways to reach and engage new and returning customers.

The way it works is quite simple: AdWords is mainly based on a Pay Per Click platform and algorithms. Advertisers choose to bid on specific keywords and build clickable advertisements which are can appear in specific search results. Clicking on the advert takes the visitor to a your page or website and the advertiser is then charged (based on the click).

Many people today turn to search engines for searching for a product or service. Most people will search directly from Google which means your potential customers are online as we speak searching for your products or services. Google AdWords connects you to them.

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Why Advertise With Google?

Increase your web traffic and generate more sales—Google AdWords can help you achieve those through paid search. It offers a high degree of flexibility and targeting. Here are other great reasons to advertise on Google:

  • Measurable: Every step of your campaigns can be effectively measured down to the number of impressions, clicks and conversions (e.g. sales, leads) your ads generate. Tracking those details allows you to measure your return on investment.
  • Cost efficient: AdWords is known to be one of the most cost efficient and effective marketing channels. You usually only pay for clicks to your ads so you can drive targeted traffic to your landing pages or website on a limited budget.
  • Tactical targeting: You always want to reach the right audience and AdWords allows you to do that easily. It gives you control on where and when your ads appear.

How we will work together on Google Ads

Keyword Research & Analysis

You have to target the right keywords in order to reach your ideal audience. We use several tools that allow us to identify the keywords your potential customers are using and narrow them down to those that have the best potential.


Ad Copy

Story telling and eye catching ads are the ones that will get your business, products or services noticed in the search results. We made sure your ads are relevant and focused with an effective call to action.


Landing & Funnel Pages

Conversions don’t necessarily take place from your main website pages, but mostly from carefully crafted landing pages. We build and optimise high converting landing pages that are relevant for each of your ads and targeted audiences, resulting in more qualified leads and sales.


Optimisations and Adjustments

Ongoing optimization is a must, in order to drive an even higher return from your campaigns. We continuously refine and optimize your campaigns to reach the ones that have the lower costs and highest conversion rates.



We provide ongoing and detailed reports on the performance of your ads while at the same time suggesting new practices and tweaks.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Google advertising cost?

Ideally, you would want to start a campaign with a budget of at least $50-$60 per day, which will allow Google to deliver your ads to your selected audience at the right time and to be competitive with other advertisers. We will however work around your budget and ensure we get the best results from it.

Are Google Ads better than Facebook Ads?

Both platforms have their own unique features and it really all depends on your business aims and objectives. Get in touch with us and we will give you a free consultation on which platform you should focus on.

I tried AdWords Express but got limited or no results. Why is that?

AdWords Express will only offer you some basic features and formats and its design is intended to be used for setting up and launching ads fast. The downside is that if you have not done the right research and analysis and have not used the right strategies, your ads will most probably fail to deliver a positive ROI.

Why Anadixis?

We are not simply building and executing Facebook Ads. We have a strong marketing background which allows us to first of all build a marketing strategy and only then to apply it onto the Facebook Ads platform.

 We work with hundreds of small to mid size companies.
 We offer transparent and affordable pricing plans.
 We only accept new clients if we see that we can help them with their online ads.

We want to earn your trust and to become your partner. We will never promise something that we cannot deliver.

A personal invitation from our Founder

Thanks for visiting our site. I have been working on digital marketing and internet solutions for more than a decade, and one of the greatest pleasures that I get from this job is to see another company thriving as a result of our services. I remember working with some of my first clients some years ago and helping them exceed their online revenue from a few hundreds per year, to almost a quarter of a million in just one year of collaboration.

Every new client that joins us is treated like a friend and a trusted partner. We will always give you the best service you can get and you will realize that online advertising is not only reserved for the big companies out there, but for any kinds of companies, from the smallest to the largest. We are here to work according to your budget and we will show you the results you want to have

– Antonis Anastassiades, Director,